Poppy Road Review

Here's a poem, Tumbleweeds, that speaks to the myriad relationships in our lives and in particular, those that leave us changed - either for the better or the worse.

Poppy Road Review has a great mix of personal and individualized poetry. It also features a rather international collection of poets.

Here is my contribution: Tumbleweeds (5/24/16)

Page and Spine

Here are two poems, The Evening Cannons and Aperitivo that were featured in The Page and Spine. Both were inspired by a study abroad program I taught in during the summer. The Page and Spine is a wonderful site filled with thoughtful and original works, both poetry and prose.

Here are my poems: Page and Spine (4/15/16)

Five Poetry

A nice collection of five poems that explore the transition from childhood to adulthood, and all the memories and responsibilities that come with the journey. These poems were featured in the October issue of Five Poetry: Vol. 4 Issue 3

The poems are:

The Icicle

Light Bulbs

Advice for the Younger Sibling

The Beach

Idle Hands